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We offer funky marketing and promotion solutions within a pure design background and specialise in full brand development through to fun, functional websites. We enjoy all aspects of design from print for promotion to web development for function. Every new client creates a new and exciting challenge! Let us be creative and develop your new style for a fresh feel.



think about the process


PRint print

Ok, so not as new as web design or as interactive as an app - or is it? Actually print design can be just a interactive as these new developments. There is a huge variety of ways to deliver your message in print form, from the selection of papers available, to the folding of the material or how it is cut. There are also various finishes which can be used: spot uv, matt/gloss laminate, embosing, die cutting and so on.

The delivery of your message can be as complex as the concept you want to deliver or as simple as asking a question. However the process of delivering your message whatever it is, should be given the same consideration as the company or product itself.

We consider your clients, the market you are placed within, and also who will look at the delivery of your message to make sure we achieve the most from the print you receive from us, especially if you need to make sure you are asking the correct questions and delivering the correct answers.

Don't write off print just yet. It may be that you have not considered all the options available. Oh, and do remember you can feel it, bend it, smell it even taste it if you want! So go on, develop a trend others will want to emulate!

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weB weB

What do you want to deliver? Is it an all singing, all dancing, making the tea type web-site? Or do you want to just show off your company in a fun and engaging way? Some may say that function is key and that fun should be secondary. We say both can be important and we can provide web designs which are fresh, funky and functional.

Web design should engage users and retain their attention otherwise it is all too easy to switch off. (put a random link in here). What do you like about the web-sites you visit most and again what do you remember about them? Is it the images, the simple text, or the fact you can find the information quickly without searching for hours on end? These are all elements to consider when building your own site. We look at these elements and deliver what is best for you and your customers.

Look at others for inspiration, but remember what works for your competitors has worked for them and has therefore been done by them. Lead by example and free your creativity for a productive return!

some work


you decide

From oil painters to oil suppliers we can help you to develop your logo from conception to delivery. Lets not look at the logo as your brand, but rather as the symbol of your brand.

Your brand is how your company, your product and you are percieved by the paying customer regardless of what they are paying for. Your logo is the icon, the symbol which is associated with your company and can influence the buying decision ie, do potential customers trust it? Is it professional looking?

Will they remember it (so they can tell others)?

And do they like it?

With a wide range of experience we like to help you enhance every aspect of your business image. Remember it is not just how your letterhead and business cards look, but also the look of your web-site, Facebook page and even your e-mail signature that counts.

Think about your favourite products, services, film, flyer or card and think about what you remember the most about them. Was it the colours, the styling, the lettering, or just the joy of the taste. It may just have been certain elements that you remembered, but the point is that you remembered.

Do you need a logo or do you want to build a brand or even just make someone smile? If the answer is yes then contact us to arrange a meeting (formal or informal you decide).

Be fresh. Be innovative.